What If All You've Been Told About Marketing & Selling Were a Lie?

Remember when you were in high school? Who were the most popular girls and guys? The ones trying real hard, pushing themselves on others? Or the kids whose confidence, humor or abilities made them a "shiny-object" others were drawn to?

Kids know being pushy, needy or desperate is a turn off. Adults know it too. It's human nature! Yet what's the "common concensus" among marketers? Sell, sell, sell!

Well the truth is that "common concensus" is group-think... and groups DO NOT think! If you want to be average and get results common to the crowd, follow the "wisdom" of the crowd. But if you want to make grow your business and boost your sales in the New Media Marketplace  -- the way to market is opposite of what the crowd is doing.

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The less you seem to be selling something... the more sales you will make!

When you use old-school marketing techniques you immediately raise suspicion. It's pushy and you come across needy. Your intent is percieved by prospectcs to be a self-serving one way street.

Seduction on the other hand is the ultimate power. It is a two way street of enjoyment and mutual benefit. Those who give in to it do so willingly and happily. When you gather your Tribe and seduce them, life becomes more fun and profitable for everyone involved. Sound like a game?

What we share here at Tribal Seduction™ will show you why marketing without "selling" is so effective. You'll learn how to leverage your strenghts,
harness the power of a strong personal brand and combine it with New Media to attract and keep a Tribe of raving fans.

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I promise you there are much BIGGER rewards (and a new fun and profitable way of life) waiting for you. Following the crowd in the New Economy is NOT an option. Start your journey to becoming a Tribal Seducer™ & claim your free subscription now!

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